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How to Get Notified on Products Back In Stock at AWGifts Europe?

Our customers keep asking us when their favourite products will be available again. We are glad to provide this information and it is a part of our professional services. Whether or not you can use our Back in Stock Notification Service. 
When a product comes back into stock you will receive an email notification. It's so easy and saves you time, so you do not have to keep checking our site over and over again.
so how does it work?
After you log in to your account you will always find an envelope symbol next to the order button if the product is out of stock.

All you have to do is just click on the icon and once the product is available you will be notified right away. This service will save your time and keeps you ahead of the game :) 
Have fun to keep track of your favourite products at AWGifts Europe.

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